Advent dry floristry

christmas floristry

With dried flowers through Advent

Dried floristry is experiencing a real revival and is also an integral part of home decorations during Advent and Christmas. The advantages are obvious: with high-quality material, durable Advent wreaths can be conjured up which bring their own unique flair. In contrast to the classic wreath or flower arrangement with cones, baubles and fir, they look airier, lighter, more colorful and, above all, more flowery. Dried flowers are very trendy because of their look, colors and durability. They should not be missing in your Christmas assortment in any case!

Our tip: If you want to complete a wreath or a flower arrangement with (Advent) candles, our products of the OASIS® BLACK series and the Designer’s Collection, as well as our SEC products are suitable. For particularly delicate and fine-stemmed materials, we recommend the use of the black plug-in foam products. They all have the quality of our all-rounder, the OASIS® IDEAL fresh flower cutting foam. The dry materials can also be staked more loosely and airily in the black sticking foam. Designs thus do not appear cluttered.


Products used in this creation


  • made from 100% recycled waste paper
  • compostable and biodegradable
  • in trendy black optics