Bridal bouquet based on Lady I & a straw wreath

Wedding Floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Clematis Cultivars
  • Crocosmia masoniorum
  • Dianthus caryophyllus
  • Gloriosa superba
  • Limonium tetragonum
  • Pelargonium odoratus
  • Ranunculus asiaticus ’Butterfly’
  • Rosa Cultivar
  • Band (Vivant)
  • Straw wreath
  • Plug wire
  • Paper wrapping wire (both BUCO)
  • Bridal bouquet holder OASIS® Lady I
  • Floraltape (OASIS® Floral Products)
  • Time 35 min – height 41 cm – diameter 39 cm
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You can find the whole series in the BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe103 Mai/Juni 2022

This is how it is done

Step 1

First, wrap three plug wires with floral tape and attach them to the straw wreath.

Step 2

Now wrap the wreath first wrap with ribbon, then by means of paper winding wire with the beach lilac.

Step 3

Now fix this wreath as a cuff fix this wreath to the watered bridal bouquet holder with the help of the floral tape before inserting the flowers in the watered Insert the flowers into the watered foam basket.

Products used in this creation.

OASIS® Lady I Bridal Bouquet Holder

Product features & advantages

  • Foam body with plastic grid
  • Foam basket open at the bottom
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handle

Intended use & application tips

For wedding floristry. The plastic grid provides flowers with support. Long stems should be additionally supported and anchored to the plastic grid with wire. When cutting, make sure that the ends of the flower stems are pushed far enough into the foam for optimal water supply.

The finished bridal bouquet will last longer if it is sprayed with OASIS® Clear Life to reduce evaporation.