Christmas star wreath

Christmas floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Anthurium andraeanum
  • Eucalyptus populus
  • Helichrysum bracteatum
  • Hydrangea macrophylla
  • Limonium latifolium
  • Nigella damascena
  • Papaver somniferum
  • Phoenix dactylifera
  • Pinus nigra
  • Pinus strobus
  • Rosa spinosissima
  • Serruria florida
  • Tree candle
  • Candlestick
  • Ribbon
  • Glass jewelry
  • Glas globe
  • Tray
  • Plug wire
  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design-Sheet
  • Hotlgue
  • OASIS® Fix (kneading glue)
  • Pinholder (Pini KL)
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You can find the whole series here BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe 104 März/April 2022

This is how it is done

Step 1

Draw a star on the lug-in foam board.

Step 2

With the help of the long plugging foam knife cut out the star and water it.

Step 3

Wrap plug wire with tape and attach along the edge of the star. Insert materials, glue dry floral and attach candle with clip.

Products used in this creation

Pinholder, Candleholder

Ideally suited for attaching Floral Foam to smooth surfaces (e.g. in containers) or candles to Floral Foam.


Design without restrictions – any shape, size and design as you like.