Floral Bowl

Table decoration spring

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Cymbidium Cultivar
  • Dianthus Cultivar
  • Eustoma grandiflorum
  • Galanthus ivalis (artificial)
  • Helleborus orientalis ’Magnificent Bells’
  • Bast
  • wood glue
  • ballon
  • OASIS®  BIOLIT® Bowl
    Time 15 min · Height 17 cm · Diameter 23 cm
    Decoration elements in the image: Wine glasses
    (Schott Zwiesel) – water glasses

You can find the whole series here BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe 109 Jan/Feb 2023

This is how it is done.

Step 1

Make the wood glue-water mixture and soak the raffia in it.

Step 2

Fill the balloon with air and then cover it with the soaked raffia strands in a spiral, creating a bowl shape. This then well harden.

Step 3

Remove the balloon and place the watered floral foam base in the resulting bast bowl and stud with florals.

Products used in this creation.


floral foam with base out of recycled cardboard container