Floral Design – room decoration jungle fever

Trendfloristik / Interiordesign

Floral Design – room decoration jungle fever

The profession of a florist involves much more than creating bouquets or arrangements.
Colors and shapes have to be harmonized, trends for furniture and interior design influence the work enormously and should be known to a floral designer. This is the only way to create modern creations with that special wow effect. Christane Nebel and Lisa Thalmayr know their craft. Flowers are their means to express emotions and messages and to make moments perfect. Look over their shoulders here at work, from the meeting to create a concept to the completion ON LOCATION at the customer.

It’s a long road from idea to finished design, and more importantly, a creative process. Sketches help to further develop one’s own ideas and are the first step in mentally approaching the assignment. Mood boards can be developed in advance, color combinations can be created and a first idea of the room concept can be visualized, which can then be discussed with the customer in advance. In this way, both the designer’s and the customer’s ideas are concretized and brought to a common denominator. This facilitates the design of the workpiece and also prevents misunderstandings. The arrangement can then be prepared in the studio or the client’s own workshop and is then completed on site at the location.


The OASIS® BLACK series provides Christiane and Lisa with the necessary scope to give free rein to their creativity. No matter whether classically set or completely visible. The OASIS® BLACK IDEAL sphere in no way restricts the two in their design. Both decided to use the black color of the foam to give the design depth and to emphasize the bright colors of the flowers.


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© Le Gensch Design by Christiane Nebel und Lisa Thalmayr


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