Indian Summer Wedding

Wedding floristry

For bold brides

What a feast of colors, perfect for the warm summer season. Modern, bold and intoxicating, the bright colors will put not only the radiant bride in a good mood.

The wedding dress, on the other hand, elegant, with romantic lace. The eye-catcher at the party afterwards: The dress with flowing skirt in delicate yellow combined with colorful lace top. The archway picks up the colors of the bridal bouquet. Also the chairs for numerous guests are decorated with colorful, bright flowers. Whether bouquet or table decoration – the decoration shines in uniform overall concept and animates the party guests to celebrate and dance. Real eye-catchers are the large floral letters and long garland at the buffet

Planning, implementation: 



Laura from Fotorock


Nursery & Floristry Hans Lösslin


Carlina Headpieces


Winery Weber, Ettenheim

Hair & Make Up:

Alexandra Döring

Wedding dresses:

At Moda Sposa



© Fotorock

Colorful insights


The dress

Although the decoration is rather unconventional, the dress for the ceremony is traditional with elegant lace.


The bright color combination is also found in the floral decoration of the archway and represents the joy that the day holds.


Also at the celebration the colorful flowers create a good mood and invite to celebrate the love of the bride and groom exuberantly and happily.

Products used in this creation

OASIS® ECO Garland

Garland made of several foam cylinders for table and room decorations at particularly festive occasions.

OASIS® Raquette

Completely encased in micro-perforated film to reduce water loss.

Floralife® Finishing Touch

Floralife® Finishing Touch thus reduces evaporation and gives the flower arrangement a fresh appearance

OASIS Buchstabe


Whether for weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries or other events – the OASIS® BIOLINE® letters, numbers / digits and special shapes are the optimal basis for individual and extraordinary floral decorations.