Mother’s Day in the land of milk and honey

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A family celebration of a very special kind: Mother’s Day. Many families attach importance to spend this day together and celebrate beautiful moments, although, of course, mom is the focus on this day and it’s time for the kids to say “Thank you!”. With a little help from the florist can create quite great spatial concepts, gifts and the appropriate feel-good atmosphere. A concept that is sure to generate great enthusiasm among the children and, above all, become a shared experience: The bouquet already gives it away – welcome to the land of milk and honey. It will be sweet and it will be pink and there is a lot of fun waiting for the family with its own cotton candy machine (and/or a popcorn machine, crêpe maker, etc…). The bouquet for mom is based on the OASIS® ECObase® Lady Round bridal bouquet holder and decorated with satin and lace ribbons and candies. The highlight of the decoration is the big flamingo: legs wrapped with cord, feet covered with pink sprayed fern, pinned with carnations, mummies & roses and beak & eye made of foam rubber. The thistles of the bouquet are also sprayed with OASIS® Aqua Colour Spray, pink. Gold wire is used to make details, such as the lettering Mama.

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Products used in this creation

OASIS® ECObase® Lady Round

Ideal base for modern, not everyday bridal jewelry.