spring awakening #flowersagainstcovid

Spring floristry

Spring greetings in the nest

Deliver or mail floral messages, a way for florists to continue business despite a closed store. Lovingly designed trifles (customized, with available materials) can be offered and ordered via social media. In this way, the flower store becomes an “online store” in the blink of an eye. And who is not pleased by a small floral surprise home?

Delicate flowers, feathers and pastel shades, that’s all it takes for a spring-like decoration. Light and randomly arranged it should look and thus bring a touch of spring home.

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© Herzenswärme Photography РBarbara Bruckbauer

Welcome, spring!

This is how it is done

Step 1

Water the ball and wrap 3/4 with hay. You do not have to completely cover the floral foam and what will save you material. The black color just gives the arrangement more depth without standing out as gaps. Place the wrapped ball in the nest with the uncovered side up and wrap the rest of the ball.

Step 2

Skewer onions on a wooden skewer (stabilize with glue if necessary) and distribute in the covered ball.

Step 3

Arrange feathers and floral materials. Use the flowers sparingly, they act as a highlight and symbolize the awakening of nature after winter.

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