OASIS® Designer’s Collection

Smithers-Oasis presents at IPM 2020: the new OASIS® Designer’s Collection

We set the base – you create the emotions!

Fascinating arrangements arise from fascinating ideas. You no longer want to be limited by the circumstances of a product?! Then the Designer`s Collection is just right for you. We believe in creating products that help and inspire you to take your design to a whole new level. This collection allows you to respond to customer wishes in a very individual way. Ideas and trends can be implemented in the best possible way. Design the floral foam to fit any event. There are no more limits to creativity. Design without restrictions – any shape, size and design, just the way you like it.

Which products make up the OASIS® Designer’s Collection?

The new product line is composed of 8 black Floral foam products:

  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Plates
    • black floral foam plates in 2 sizes
  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Cylinder & Cylinderod
    • black cylinder in different sizes
  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAL cubus & cube
    • black blocks in different sizes

Detailed information on sizes and part numbers can be found here in the brochure.


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